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François Serneels was awarded the title of one of the 40 most influent foreign experts since the opening of China 40 years ago. A well deserved award for the work of CARAH's in charge of quality and international relations.



Award ceremony by Wang Zhigang, Chinese minister of sciences and technology


This prestigious award crowns 20 years of collaboration with chinese agronomists to fight agains potato late blight, which can cause havoc in the chinese (and belgian) potato fields when it not well controled. Initiated in the Wuxi County of Chongqing, the adaptation of the of warning system, developped by Christian Ducattillon and by the potato team of the field experimentation and warning system service of CARAH, is now extended to almost all regions where potatoes are cultivated in China. This award is therefore a well deserved acknowledgment of the work of a whole team, Belgian and Chinese.


FrancoisSerneels WangZhigang

François Serneels et Wang Zhigang, Chinese minister of sciences and technology


The team of C dans la poche, the TV program of the Hainaut Province, has visited François to have more information: