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Last summer, CARAH’s potato late blight warning system has been tested in a pilot farm of Tianhong village (Yulong Naxi county, Yunnan province). The local authorities and a state company installed a first weather station. This weather station enables to predict potato late blight infections according to CARAH model. Therefore, the potatoes are protected with fungicide at the exact time of disease propagation. This year, fields treated according to the model predictions had a 20 % higher yield  than the field treated without the model predictions and a 150 % higher yield than the field with no phytosanitary protection.


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Localisation of the Tianhong village, place of the mission, on the map of PRC


In August 2017, Pierre Raulier, an agronomist from CARAH, participated to a seminar presenting the warning system to 130 local farmers and technicians. This seminar consisted in field visits, theoretical and practical training courses.




Field visit with 130 farmers and technicians



Presentation of the CARAH late bligh warning system by Pierre Raulier from CARAH

Next year, the local authorities will install new weather stations and will provide for free the spraying advices. This kind of initiative, that really increases the income of the farmers, has been made possible thanks to the long term collaboration between CARAH and his Chinese partners.  


Mr Che Xingbi, collaborateur de longue date du CARAH, tient à gauche un plant de pomme de terre protégé suivant les prédictions du modèle d’avertissement mildiou du CARAH et à droite un plant non protégé